Items From A Wales International, The Latest Additions To My Football Memorabilia Collection

With no competitive football in Wales since December 19 last year, I haven’t added anything to my football memorabilia collection for a while.

What a way to bounce back though, as Steve Evans, who has seven full caps for his country, has given me some fantastic items.

Thank you, Evo!

There’s more in the video below.

The clothing items are as follows below, with event literature, programmes, team sheet and Wales international programmes listed elsewhere under their relevant categories.

You can view my football memorabilia collection here

Polo shirt

1x white Nationwide/Kappa

1x black/white/red Nationwide/Champion

1x white/red/black Nationwide/Champion

1x red/black/white Cymru/Nationwide/Kappa

1x red Nationwide/Kappa


1x black Nationwide/Kappa


1x pair white/red Champion

Training tops

1x red/black Nationwide/Kappa number 12

1x grey/black Umbro

1x red Umbro

Tracksuit trousers

1x black Nationwide/Kappa number 12

1x black Umbro

Windbreaker Jacket

1x red/black Cymru/Nationwide/Kappa number 6

1x grey/black Umbro