Second Warbler Species Of The Year In The Garden

I’ve already seen goldfinch from the garden this year – in neighbouring trees – but it was still great to actually have the first on the feeding station.

It paid a brief visit, and of course it goes without saying, that we hope it will become a regular, as well as bringing its friends along.

We shall see, though. We had a male greenfinch that visited once but hasn’t been back.

On the other hand, a female chaffinch is now a daily visitor, but always alone.

The latest new tick is another quality one, as a goldcrest paid us a visit. Funnily enough, it was a quiet day and I said to my wife, never mind, a goldcrest will turn up later!

It was actually in the garden as well, in the low bush adjacent to the feeding station itself.

We regularly have a male sparrowhawk fly through the garden. The latest visit saw it perch on the fence for a couple of minutes.

I’ve always got my binoculars on hand, so I was able to spend some quality time watching it. They’re very impressive birds.

Following the recent sighting – from the living room – of a little egret in flight, another one went past today.

There are a series of pools in the valley, so not that much of a surprise, especially when you consider how much more widespread they are nowadays.

The video above was taken on my iPhone from the living room window this afternoon. It’s not as good as my camcorder but certainly acceptable.

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