An Afternoon On The Staffs/Worcs Canal – I Got There!

Yesterday, I was getting there. Today, I got there. After several blanks, I finally caught a fish!

Not just turning the corner, generally, but also my first perch of the year as well. With the weather picking up, I decided to target my favourite species.

I fished directly opposite a permanently moored boat, which is a great feature for holding fish at any time of the year, but especially so in the winter.

I know it’s been hard for many anglers recently, and I was just encouraged to get a few taps, albeit half-hearted ones.

I caught just the one fish, and right at the end, as well. It’s a fine line sometimes.

My first perch of 2021

I fished with a 9’ John Wilson Masterline Debut rod and a Shimano 3500 reel, loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon. 

The lead was a 1/4 ounce bomb, with a size 6 shot and 5mm bead. The hook was a Drennan Super Specialist size 16.

I fished with two red maggots over mixed maggots and brown crumb.