Two New Bird Ticks And My First Garden Mammal

I saw my first mammal in the garden over the last few days. The grey squirrel made its way along the fence and under the feeding station.

It didn’t attempt to climb the pole and moved on.

I’m glad we haven’t had any rats yet, that’s one mammal I’m happy not to see in the garden.

I’ve seen four gull species so far this year from the garden, with the herring gull the latest addition to the list.

Being realistic, the ones that I’ve ticked were the four expected, and anything else during 2021 will be a massive bonus.

As January came to an end, the birds list hit twenty-five, with the visit to the feeding station of a greenfinch.

It was perched at the top and looked clumsy as it tried to make it to the feeding areas.

What it was really after though was the dish, which was occupied by a wood pigeon.

Still, it made a visit and I’m hoping it will return sooner rather than later.

The long-tailed tit are making numerous flock visits each day and it’s great to see. I’m expecting that to continue through February, until they go to their breeding territories.

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