Two New Bird Species On The 2021 Garden List

Compared to the start of the year, we’re in a much milder spell at the moment. It’s affected the birds visiting the feeding station.

The nuthatch are no longer visiting in the frequency that they were and you can go a whole day without spotting one.

The long-tailed tit are still putting in regular appearances though, especially around 4.00 p.m. when they turn up for their final feast before roosting.

We get regular gulls in flight, either directly overhead, or certainly close to the house itself. The 22nd bird tick of 2021 is a blackheaded gull.

That was followed by number twenty-three, lesser black-backed gull.

A male sparrowhawk twisted and turned, and as it went into low bushes in the garden, I was convinced it had caught something.

However, a few seconds later, it flew off with nothing. The feeding station was very quiet for a while afterwards though.

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