I Spent Longer Fishing Than I Had Planned But We Still Got There With The Press Conference

Ahead of each competitive game at The New Saints, we have a press conference with our manager, Scott Ruscoe.

What happens is that we (media) get the sponsors’ boards and the table etc in place, and then Scott joins us when he’s ready, before training.

This morning, as I often do, I stopped off on a canal to do some fishing. I struggled initially, and really keen to get a fish on the bank, I kept having ‘one more cast’.

By the time I got to our stadium, Sam (who I work with in media) had got everything ready. ‘Has Scott been in yet?’ I asked.

‘Yes, he said he’ll come back later’ was Sam’s reply. He did, and we then got the press conference done, as we look forward to the visit of Aberystwyth Town this coming Saturday.

There was no problem at all though with Scott coming back a second time. In fact, I told him I couldn’t leave the canal, and we laughed.

That’s one really good aspect of my job, it’s very relaxed. As long as you get the work done, there are no issues.

As far as the press conference is concerned anyway, it went out early lunchtime so there were no delays.

In fact, we’re early this time round, it’s normally later in the week when we do it.

That’s it below and the lead image is Scott on the training pitch afterwards.