Live Blogging An Afternoon’s Angling Session From A Huge Reservoir

1.15 p.m.

As always, there’s an introductory video that you can watch below. The reservoir isn’t available on a day ticket, so like most of my venues, the location isn’t revealed.

1.20 p.m.

Feel free to join me though, via the comments box below. You don’t need to register, just write and submit. I look forward to hearing from you.

1.45 p.m.

It’s the sort of venue, where if you’re on the fish from the off, you can keep catching non-stop. Other times it can be slow. Just had a sucked maggot from a roach though, so positive.

2.45 p.m.

‘Other times it can be slow’ – prophetic words indeed. I’ve had three extremely sluggish plucks, resulting in one of the two maggots on the hook sucked each time.

I’m fishing 6lb Maxima Chameleon straight through to a Drennan Super Specialist size 14 hook. Above that, there’s a size 4 shot, small bead and a 3/8 ounce lead.

3.30 p.m.

I’ve just had a look at the site statistics and I’m getting some good views indeed on this post. I just wished I had some fish to tell you about.

Still, as long as my bait’s in the water, I’ve got a chance. Plus, there’s more than two hours to go before dark, so plenty of time yet.

4.20 p.m.

A nice twitch on the rod top, so things are looking up as far as avoiding a blank is concerned.

Water temperature is 12.3C, so still holding up well in the reasonably mild spell that we’re currently in.

4.45 p.m.

Off the mark!

5.45 p.m.

Not as big as the first fish but ending the session with some decent perch. Good things come to those who wait.

6.00 p.m.

Loved that and as long as it doesn’t interfere with your angling, I also enjoy live blogging. Need to do more!


  1. Some nice perch. Unfortunately only just caught your video after work, so missed the live blogging bit. Have enjoyed your last couple of messages also, sorry to hear about Debby’s mom, but at least she has a sure and steadfast hope.

    1. When it comes to pike fishing, especially, I Iike to stay really focused. Seconds, even, looking away and the fish has picked up the bait.