Fishing A Secret Crucian Water In Shropshire

There’s more in the video below, from the session that was on an interesting water. It’s not listed anywhere, due to its nature, but it is in association with Kinver Freeliners Angling Club.

I’ve sung the praises of the club on numerous occasions over the years and although there is a waiting list, it’s definitely worth getting your name down.

It’s a well-run, friendly club with sensible rules and some great venues. If you look at the home page on my website, there’s a link there to the Kinver site, with contact details.

Back to the session and I was next to a small group of lily pads and an overhanging tree.

The shallow margins dropped off quite sharply and I fished close to the drop-off, a couple of lengths from the bank, in six feet of water.

Rod was a 12’ Greys Prodigy TX and the reel was a Shimano DL2500FA, loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon. 

Joined by a loop-to-loop knot, there was a five feet length of Ultra Virage fluorocarbon 2.5lb line to a Drennan Super Specialist size 14 hook. 

The float was a Drennan 3BB crystal waggler, with most of the shot around the float, so that the bait dropped more naturally through the water. 

I fished a grain of corn over loose fed corn.