Carp Fishing On A Shropshire Pool – Live Updates From The Water’s Edge

9.00 p.m. Welcome to Shropshire. There’s more in the video below. The rods are out and the waiting game begins.

9.15 p.m. The hanger on one of the rods (cranberry pop-up) shot up to the rod itself. No more movement, on reeling in the bait was covered in a massive clump of weed. Apart from the weed, an encouraging start.

9,45 p.m. It’s not fully dark yet and there’s a song thrush still singing away in a nearby tree. A few small fish topping but no sign at all of any carp activity.

10.00 p.m. It’s that time when the birds and the bats overlap. Two very vocal Canada geese in flight overhead and a pair of noisy tufted duck flew around the pool before making off elsewhere. Common pipistrelle feeding in the immediate area where I’m fishing.

11.45 p.m. Funnily enough, I was just about to post to say I was still alive even though the pool is dead. At that very moment, the three corn poppers (SBS Baits) were picked up by a small tench. Not a big fish by any stretch of the imagination but at least I’m not a blanker.

12.00 Midnight If you are following the updates (and just as I write those very words I get a ‘like’ on the post from my wife. She saw the fish!) then drop me a message below. You don’t need to register, just post a comment and submit. forward to hearing from you!

12.15 a.m. I’ve just looked at the statistics page and it’s very encouraging indeed! I hope you’re enjoying following the live updates from the water’s edge. It seems so. Time for a cup of tea and hopefully I’ll be back with another fish before the night has passed.

3.45 a.m. Apart from the numerous bats – including noctules – it’s been an extremely quite few hours. The corn poppers produce again though. On the right gear, it would have done itself justice. As it was, the roach could hardly muster movement on the hanger.

4.11 a.m. The dawn chorus kicks off with a single blackbird. Within minutes dozens of birds have joined in. It’s one of the joys of fishing at this time of the year and I always enjoy listening to the orchestra and picking out the individual instruments.

4.30 a.m. Welcome to another new day. Life doesn’t stand still, that’s a fact, and you have to make the most of it in the present. Dawn is a reminder that the dark times don’t last.

8.30 a.m. Session over, and as always, I’ll reflect on the way home in the car. Disappointed to not catch carp? No, angling never disappoints.

I fished a Kinver Freeliners AC venue, and although no day tickets, it’s open to members. Check out the home page, via the menu above, and visit the club’s website, where you will also find contact details.