Birmingham Anglers Association… Midland Angler – A Walk Down Angling’s Memory Lane

Launched in August 1946, following the end of the Second World War, The Midland Angler magazine ran until July 1964. It was the official publication of the Birmingham Anglers Association (BAA), which although it’s a decent-sized club now, was massive back in the day.

Whether it’s the club, which has declined in membership over the years, or the magazine itself, times change and there will always be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. I’m still a member of the former though, and in my opinion it offers an excellent portfolio of waters, even if they aren’t as extensive as they used to be.

The latter actually resurfaced thirty-seven years after its demise, albeit as an independent magazine. Launched by the David Hall Publishing empire, Midland Angler was a glossy monthly aimed at fishermen in the region.

Although it wasn’t officially linked with the BAA, nevertheless a half-page was devoted to the latest news and views from the organisation, and it was an honour to be asked, by editor, Gareth Purnell, if I would write the column.

This was before I launched my own personal website (July 2003) and I did a number of regular columns for various publications back then. For the Midland Angler, I would get information from the club that was relevant to members, and I also invited anglers to send me catch reports.

You can see some of the copies via the lead image. You can enlarge by clicking on the photograph and you’ll notice that the girl with the carp is my youngest daughter, Miriam. That image appeared on the club’s home page for many years, until the site was remodelled.

Sadly, like its predecessor, The Midland Angler also came to an end, but it was good while it lasted and if it encouraged more people into the wonderful world of angling then it was certainly mission accomplished on that front at least.

Visit the BAA site here: Birmingham Anglers Association




  1. I’ve a big box of ‘Midland Angler’s given to me by Paddy Webb – from around early 2000’s! :)
    More newspaper format than magazine….
    Read quite a few – and there’s a lot of them! But not been reading them recently as I’ve been too busy with other things – like 100+ angling books I picked up from auction for £20 – LOL – and the cataloging of those … and insurance people fixing patio doors … and other things … and bedtime has become Sudoku in bed time for me, probably not the best thing for resting the brain ready for sleep!

    1. Nice one, I kept just a few.
      I know you have a pretty impressive angling book collection.
      If you’re up for a chat, that we can record, let me know. Once the current situation is over, of course.
      We can talk about your books and stories behind them etc. Would make for a very interesting blog post.

        1. I’ll leave it with you, Steve. Just let me know when you’re ready. Will make for a really interesting video.

          1. Cheers, Stewart…

            When things return to normality then I’d be happy to get in touch and make arrangements!! :)

            Have a good Bank Hol!!