Enjoying The Relaxed Lifestyle With Another Binoculars Walk Around Turls Hill

Not the reason why it’s happening, of course, but nevertheless I’m enjoying lockdown and in particular, the relaxed lifestyle that it’s brought me.

Out for another daily walk, this time it was back to Turls Hill, in Sedgley. No pheasants, but two foxes were showing well in open fields.

My wife captured them on her camera and that’s the lead image. The date hasn’t been set on the camera, by the way, that’s why it’s out slightly.

It’s a leap year and that accounts for the day, as this was May 2 not May 1. Not that it’s an issue or anything like that, just saying. In fact, publishing the post in the early hours means it has a May 3 date anyway.

The short walk produced the following birds: magpie, wood pigeon, robin, carrion crow, blue tit, blackbird, chaffinch, great tit, stock dove, song thrush, common buzzard, nuthatch, dunnock, lesser black-backed gull, long-tailed tit, blackcap.