While Listening To Diana Ross And The Supremes And The Temptations, The List Of Angling Blogs Reaches 400

I had another session on the laptop this morning, searching the internet for the writings of other anglers. This time I focused on the letter A, one that isn’t as difficult to find as some are.

In fact, in no time at all, I had taken the total in that category to 37. I also came across another blog beginning with the letter W, so I added that as well. They’re not so common, so I netted that one, so to speak, while I had the chance.

The total number of angling blogs had now reached 400. You can access the page here: A-Z Of Angling Blogs.

As always, I listened to some music while I searched, and this time it was the Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations album that entertained me.