Lure Fishing With Ruffe And Perch On The Bank. Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Approach.

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With my car in the garage having new brake pads fitted, I was hoping it would be ready in time for me to get some fishing in. As it happened it was in and out before noon, so I was free to hit the canal, which was my first choice.

Another working from home day, I love the freedom that it brings. I do take the privilege seriously and I don’t abuse it at all, so there is plenty of actual work going on, but the flexibility means that I can always wet a line somewhere.

With the bitterly cold spell continuing, I headed for the Staffs/Worcs Canal with my mini-jigging set-up. I’ve featured the gear many times in recent lure blog entries, so check them out for more details regarding tackle used.

I had three very basic plucks that didn’t lead to anything and that prompted me to change the lure and approach. Still using a 1g jig-head I went down to a smaller hook and swapped the minnow for a small crayfish.

That also meant that I could retrieve the lure much more slowly. The fish weren’t feeding confidently, as the half-hearted takes indicated, and the change in lure ensured that I could twitch the bait along the bottom, where the fish would be.

It worked, as I caught a nice ruffe and small perch. In life itself, not just fishing, don’t be afraid to try something different. If your usual path isn’t working then walk another one.


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