Perch Fishing On A Black Country Canal. The Importance Of A Disgorger – Always Keep One In Your Tackle Box.

Although this is my first angling-related blog entry in a few days, nevertheless I have been out, albeit very short lure sessions. Dropping on the Montgomery Canal on my way to and from work, I managed three very short (15 minutes each) excursions. However, on each occasion I drew a complete blank, not even a pluck.

This time round though, I had an hour or so on a Black Country canal, so was certainly looking to break the run of blanks. I was there at first light, which at the moment means about 7.30 a.m. Driving through a dense mist on the journey to the venue, it looked very autumnal indeed.

I fished with a quiver tip rod and a small 2500 Shimano reel loaded with 4lb Maxima Chameleon line. The rest of the set-up can be seen via the video below.

It was a slow morning but, as always, I enjoyed it. If your fishing is all about the big picture of being in the great outdoors rather just simply catching fish, you’ll appreciate it more. Yes, of course, we want to catch something, otherwise we may as well just go rambling. However, don’t get caught up in the catch-at-all-costs mentality that is so easy to slip into.

I mention a disgorger in the video. All angling, of course, that has the potential for a fish to swallow the hook requires that item in your tackle box, but especially so with perch as they are very greedy at times and will swallow the hook in an instant.

When you do get a ravenous shoal in the swim, strike early. Like pike fishing, it’s best to lose the odd one rather than risk internal damage to the fish.


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Stewart Bloor

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