Carmarthen Town 2 The New Saints 6 And Thoughts On Setting Personal Goals And Targets (No Puns Intended).

The game, at Richmond Park, between Carmarthen Town and The New Saints was my 33rd of the season. As I like to hit treble-figures of games attended, it means I’m one-third of the way there and it’s still September.

I do like setting targets and goals, not just for groundhopping but also life in general. I find that they are motivating and keep you focused and on track. The last thing that you want though is to be become bound to them.

Pitch them right and targets will mean that you accomplish far more in life than if you just amble along. That’s the key; it’s about being realistic. For me, 100 games per season is achievable, especially as I work in the beautiful game.

Another target is half a century of new grounds and although I’ve been to Richmond Park on several occasions previously, so it’s not a new tick, I’m still on track with that goal as well. Visit my groundhopping pages here.


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Thanks, Stewart Bloor

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