From One End To The Other – The Stour Derby As Port Hosts Bridge. Groundhopping In Worcestershire. Stourport Swifts 0 Stourbridge FC 6.

My last new ground was two weeks ago when I was at the national stadium in Kosovo. The next one will be in a few days time in Copenhagen. Both of them are far removed from Walshes Meadow, in Stourport-On-Severn, Worcestershire.

However, as a groundhopper I’m happy to take in any game. It’s not about the glamour of the occasion but the fact it’s a new ground that counts. My fifth new tick of the season saw two teams that include the same river in their respective town name.

Stourbridge is much further upstream, where the Stour is little more than a brook, while Stourport is built around the confluence with the mighty Severn.

The home side had a decent start but the visitors soon took control, eventually running out winners with six of the best. Even though I work in football, I never tire of watching games in my own time.

Once you start to drop down the leagues, no-one is full-time, yet you see such commitment and dedication. It was great to see youngsters and coaches on the pitch during the break, playing a game.

I always appreciate that I make my living from the beautiful game as well, when I’m at games where others don’t. It’s good for all of us, whatever we do, to step back sometimes and recognise that we are all privileged in one way or another. We need to be thankful for what’s going on in our life.

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