Tipton Family Church Remembers Armistice Day (1027)

At Tipton Family Church we always focus on Remembrance Sunday each year. By devoting the whole of the service to the theme of remembrance, we make it special. Especially so this year though, with November 11 not only falling on the Sunday, but also 100 years to the day that the guns fell silent in Europe.


Although I now work full-time in football I have still been able to retain my ministerial credentials, and with Tipton Family Church being small, it fits in perfectly with my wider schedule. We only have a Sunday morning service and that works out very nicely indeed, as things stand at the moment. The bathroom mirror is great for selfies as well…


There is an annual parade that passes by the church building and so we paused the service for five minutes while we went out to watch them passing by. That’s what you can see in the embedded Instagram post above.

The lead image is of a plaque at church remembering all those that went to fight in the Great War but never returned. We share the building with Park Methodist Chapel and the men are from that congregation.

Andy from our own church, who has served in the forces, read the names out following the one-minute silence that we had. We also played a recording of the Last Post to break the silence.

The sermon was from Isaiah 9:6, a prophetic insight that was written 700 years before the coming of Christ where, along with other titles, he is referred to as the Prince of Peace.

Although the First World War inspired hope, it never did become the war to end all wars that many believed it would. The reality is that in this world there will never be peace. Only the Prince of Peace brings true peace.