Tench Fishing On A Shropshire Estate Lake (883)

I like the days that I can work from home, apart from the fact that I have a three hour advantage because no travelling is involved, it’s easier to fit in an evening angling session.

Following on from the recent trip to Kinver Freeliners’ Dudmaston Big Pool, I decided that more of the same was the way to go. After all, you can never have too much of a good thing and as far as angling is concerned, that is definitely true.

There are no day tickets on the venue and the club, which is very well-run and has some excellent waters, has a waiting list for membership. It’s definitely worth getting your name down though if you’re in the area. You can visit the website HERE.

Arriving on the car park to find just one other car, I knew that I would be, at the very worst, setting up in my second choice swim. As it was, I was able to drop in my chosen peg. I don’t know if you’re like me but part of my pre-session planning involves picking a number of spots, in order,  to fish.

The wording on the embedded Instagram posts below give out certain details about the session, including the rig. I fished with SBS Baits corn-shaped poppers over real corn. I also fished with a quiver tip rod and the line on the reel was 8lb Sufix Synergy.

I really enjoyed the evening. Fishing is very important to me, not only because I enjoy it of course, but it’s also there to act as a check in my life. I’m very busy but if I can’t go fishing then I’m too busy.

I enjoy my work in football, which takes up a lot of my time,  and next week I’m off to Gibraltar in the UEFA Europa League. Depending on the result of that game, it’s Denmark or Kazakhstan after that. Football and fishing, not a bad life is it really.

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