The Church at Hiraeth

Welcome to the weekly online church service that my wife and I launched from November, 2023.

After four decades of full-time and full-on ministry, although I’m enjoying my semi-retirement very much indeed, I don’t intend to ever hang up my Bible.

The Church at Hiraeth isn’t intended to be a replacement for ‘real’ church on a Sunday morning.

If you are a Christian already, and you are encouraged by our service though, that’s great.

Or perhaps you’re not there yet but maybe you’re searching, curious or inquisitive.

If so, The Church at Hiraeth is perfect, because you can view anonymously and explore at your own pace.

Although online, interaction is good and if you have a prayer request, a song you’d like Debby to sing, or maybe a spiritual question you would like answered, feel free to contact me.

My email address is and anything you write will be treated in strictest confidence.

I will just use your initial (especially for prayer requests) as a point of reference and as soon as I have read it, I will delete the email.

The Church at Hiraeth 2023