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  1. Hello Stewart
    You mentioned you have been running lately and have mentioned about keeping an eye on your weight over the last couple of years.
    Have you thought about taking cold showers on a daily basis,weight loss is just one of the benefits but there are many many more.from personal experience it’s well worth looking into.

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    1. Hello, Harry.
      No but I’ve just done an internet search and the number of benefits are impressive.
      Next shower is a cold one..


  2. Hi Stewart, don’t forget Rear Window, Hitchcock movie with James Stewart and Grace Kelly, Apparently had a budget of $1 million us dollars and made 37 million at box office.. Good edge of your seat movie.

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    1. Hello, Jim. I haven’t and I keep looking to see if it’s available but as of yet just to rent which I’ll have to do at some point if it doesn’t come up.


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