Garden diary from April 2023, the wonderful world of nature on your doorstep

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April 1

A regular visitor to the feeding station, a male great spotted woodpecker was feeding on sunflower hearts at first light.

April 2

While still dark (6.00 a.m.) there was an excellent dawn chorus to be heard from the garden, with several tawny owls calling as well at the same time.

Another sparrowhawk kill in the garden, this time a wood pigeon.

The bird is there every day, it’s a buffet for him. It’s definitely affecting the number of birds we get though, they’ve become very wary.

April 5

We get a regular male blackbird on the lawn, today he was joined by a female.

April 9

There is a flock of long-tailed tits that visits several times a day during the winter.

A pair were feeding today, which is encouraging as hopefully they will be nesting in the immediate area.

Late afternoon a single calling jackdaw flew over.