Starring James Mason, the warning of the 5 Fingers were true then and definitely so for today

Based on a true story, James Mason plays Ulysses Diello, the valet to the British Ambassador in Turkey in the 1952 movie, 5 Fingers.

Set in 1944, it’s a spy thriller and Diello steals British secret documents that he sells to the Germans.

He gets found out and flees to South America.

Meanwhile, the woman (Countess Anna Staviska played by Danielle Darrieux) he trusted with the money, does a disappearing act herself.

Then he discovers it was all counterfeit cash anyway, so everyone is a loser.

The message is to do the right thing in life and act honourably and with integrity.

Get involved in dodgy activity and it often comes crashing down all around you.

The 5 Fingers in the title refers to lust, greed, passion, desire and sin.

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