Water, starring Michael Caine, Leonard Rossiter, Ringo Starr, Billy Connolly, George Harrison and Eric Clapton

TPTV Encore has a limited release film category and there was one up today that caught my attention.

It was the diversity of the starring talent that caught my eye, and even though the musicians didn’t have main acting roles, nevertheless it had to be worth a watch, I thought to myself.

It’s a 1985 comedy film set in a fictitious Caribbean island called Cascara.

Naturally occurring Perrier water is discovered and suddenly the British government, who previously weren’t interested in their colony, now are very keen to keep hold of it.

There’s an independence movement led by a Wolfie Smith-type character, played by Billy Connolly.

Verdict? It leans to the side of silly and the, albeit occasional, bad language is something you don’t get with my usual era of choice.

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