A close encounter with a barn owl, Premium Bonds draw, work, finding my lost leg and fishing

By the time I got to bed, after yesterday’s game in Caernarfon, it was 3.00 a.m.

The drive home from Shrewsbury was very quiet, as you can imagine, but I was thrilled to see a barn owl on the B road that I take from Telford.

Still in Shropshire, I saw it in flight very low alongside the road. It turned and I had to brake sharpish to avoid it, it really was that close.

It then perched on a stump alongside the road. I had a great view but I left it to get on with its hunting.

I do like barn owls and I’ve seen hundreds over the years.

I never saw one in the immediate area when I lived in Sedgley but since we moved, they are now within walking distance.