Commonwealth Games 2022 cyclist time trials on our doorstep – wave 1 (men)

We didn’t have to travel far to watch the men’s cyclists this afternoon.

Just seconds, to be precise, as they passed down the lane where I take my morning run.

It’s a beautiful day and it was great to see people from our area also making their way to see the event.

My wife had an England flag, supporting Fred Wright and I had my Welsh one, cheering on Owain Doull.


    1. I understood!
      I installed a Welsh option on my phone for when I’m using the language, it was impossible to type any words without them getting changed on my behalf!

    1. I know, yeah. He did really well to recover from the tumble.
      At least England got the silver.
      I’ve now seen some top cyclists, even if just for a few seconds.
      They’re very fast!