More jungle fishing, with chub and roach from a brook

I enjoyed my recent angling session in the jungle (well, access is very wild and overgrown) so much so that I returned this afternoon.

Although not heavy, nevertheless recent rain has given the water a tinge of colour.

It didn’t affect the fishing one way or the other, I still caught well.

No gudgeon this time but chub and roach still obliged.


  1. Thanks goodness you have posted some fishing at last instead of that Welsh football Stewart… 😀
    I joined the 60 club last Saturday, July 9th and had 9 fish on the lure that morning. 1 roach, 2 perch and 6 rudd. It’s taken me some months to learn the lure jigging method but I’m loving it.
    Try the AGM website for the tips 1″ worms- you can just get a 0.4g jig head in them and they seem to attract most fish. Keep up the good work.

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    1. I did see plenty of fish topping on the River Lagan though when I went for my morning jog.
      For four days, that was the closest I came to fish!
      Penblwyd hapus!
      Nice way to get your sixties underway.
      Start as you mean to carry on!
      I’ve been using AGM for a while now, really good stuff.
      Tight lines.


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