Enjoy reading what your fellow fishermen are up to?

Some time ago I started the a-z of angling blogs.

It’s a compilation of personal fishing websites and I’ve just given it an overhaul.

Since beginning to log the sites, Word Press has introduced the blocks format.

It’s much easier and so I’ve switched everything to that.

In addition, although those that haven’t been updated for some time are still there, I’ve removed sites that no longer exist.

I won’t be monitoring the pages in the future, so if you do come across those that have gone, let me know.


  1. Must say I still use WordPress’s ‘Classic’ mode… not sure how ‘Block’ mode works and, as they say, ‘if its not broke don’t fix it’…

    Not sure if it would work in my style of operation ….
    1. Create the post as a complete Microsoft Word document called ‘Template.docx’
    2. Copy and paste the complete contents of ‘Template.docx’ to the end of my current annual ‘archive on PC’ file… ie that file currently is ’10 – Jan 2022 – Dec 2022.docx’ – so in 10th year of blogging my outings.
    3. Open WordPress and ‘Write’ to create the new blog… using ‘Classic’ style
    4. Copy and paste the contents of ‘Template.docx’ to ‘Title’ and ‘Body’ as appropriate..
    5. Justify the body text by highlighting and (Shift-Alt-J)
    6. As pictures don’t copy directly via copy’n’paste then they are added manually by (Shift-Alt-M) and captioned in the ‘media editor’ along with any other necessaries (eg rotate) and placed where required into the body of text…
    7. Alterations to text styles made if needed eg subtitle styles altered to ‘Bold, Heading 3’
    (Why is there no underline option available???)
    8. Preview, make any corrections as necessary, and then publish.
    9. ‘Template.docx’ is kept until prepping next blog when its cleared and used to create new blog…

    That’s my way! :)

    1. Word Press were really pushing the block format at the time so I ended up there.
      Something new is always different and takes getting used to.
      I find it my default by choice now though, there are so many extra options.
      I do everything from my phone, write the blog, add images, embed a video etc.
      It’s very quick and efficient.