An early angling session, looking to stay one step ahead of the sun

With the hot weather conditions continuing, this morning’s angling session was an early one as I looked to beat the sun.

Plus, the swim on the pool that I fished is in such a position that it won’t get the full effect of the heat until later in the morning.

As it was early, and therefore quiet as far as people and their dogs are concerned, I decided to fish the margins.

With just a couple of feet of water under the rod tip, it’s imperative that you keep a low profile.


  1. I was also fishing early this morning and had the misfortune of hooking a SIGNAL CRAYFISH (Leeds/Liverpool Canal) have you come across this beastly invader ever Stewart? Can’t say it was a pleasant surprise this monster was around 20cm long! Alarming to say the least.

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    1. Hello, Roger. I caught my first one over ten years ago.
      I was perch fishing on the River Dove and landed one about the same size as you did!
      Sadly, they are bad news. They’ve caused massive decline for our native crayfish.


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