Criteria For The Post-Match Player Interview… This Time, With Three Assists And A Goal, It Was Easy

As each game draws to a conclusion, if you’re doing post-match interviews you have to decide which player(s) you are going to interview.

The one thing you have to bear in mind is that it’s not about ‘giving everyone a go’.

What you’re looking for is something that stands out, such as a hat-trick, a debut, first goal, a milestone appearance.

That sort of thing.

There’s usually someone who rises and it’s very rare that I find myself struggling for an interviewee.

In the event that there isn’t a standout player, there’s the option of the captain when it’s a defeat, for example.

Especially for The New Saints, where reversals are rare, you go for the experienced players to interview.

This time round, with The New Saints beating Cefn Druids 4-1, there were several candidates.

Four different goal scorers, including Blaine Hudson, a defender. Connor Roberts starting in goal. Tom Williams, a youngster on the bench, even.

However, with a hat-trick of assists and a superb free-kick of his own, Ryan Brobbel stood head and shoulders above everyone else.

Following the final whistle, I chatted with the Northern Ireland U-21 international on the pitch at The Rock.