It’s Not Just For The English Premier League – The Value Of The Press Conference At All Levels, As We Chat With Anthony Limbrick

Ahead of a game involving The New Saints FC, there’s always the press conference to do as part of the pre-match media preparations.

It’s an in-house affair but external media organisations do listen to it and extract quotes.

For example, there’s a BBC journalist that I know who listens every week and takes from it.

If I worked in the English Premier League, there would be numerous journalists in attendance.

I don’t though, and you have to be realistic. I do the press conference myself.

That doesn’t mean to say it’s any less value in promoting the club.

It’s about being realistic and making the most of what you’ve got and where you are.

Even if there are no other journalists there, you can still make it professional, positive and beneficial.

As you can see from the lead image, we’re in a room that’s used for other things.

Once the video is published though, all you see is the interviewee and the board.

If you work in football media and you don’t do a press conference already, it’s definitely worth considering.

If you need any pointers, contact me via my guest book.

The game this week is Cefn Druids v The New Saints and we chatted with head coach, Anthony Limbrick, after training.