Footage Of A Muntjac, They’re A Lot Closer Than Most People Realise

I’ve said it many times before – and no doubt likewise in the future – that angling is the perfect platform from which to engage with the natural world.

While out this morning, I could hear a muntjac barking in one of the wooded areas where I was.

I’ve both seen and heard them numerous times in that area, so I stayed alert, as I fished.

As you can see from the video, I got footage of a muntjac in the open as it walked from one wood to another.

The second clip is of the deer barking. You can also see it as well, through the undergrowth.

It was recorded on an iPhone 5.

If you’re not familiar already with muntjac, listen next time you’re out and about.

Without realising it, most people don’t even think of the bark. Even if they hear it, they just think it’s just a dog.

Muntjac are a lot closer than we realise as well. They’re small, don’t roam in herds so don’t get noticed that much.

They are there though. We have lots in the woods where we live, you can hear them most nights.