The First Frost In A While, Just A Quick Lure Session This Morning

We haven’t had an overnight frost for some time now. However, that’s what I encountered as I looked through the window first thing.

Although I knew it was going to be cold (checking the weather forecast is part of my daily routine), nevertheless it wasn’t meant to be icy.

No problem, though, I just scraped before setting off. Plus, I took a photograph.

Bore da. Mae’n oer heddiw. That’s Welsh for good morning, it’s cold today.

I only had a short time on a very local pool but I just knew it was going to be tough.

Sadly, I was proved right.

It was my first blank in a while though.

I was lure fishing, by the way, with a 2” minnow on a 0.7g jig head.

As you can see from the lead image, with minimal tackle required it’s a great way of fishing when time is tight.

Even the rod is made-up, making it even better.

Following the session, it was back home and then off to work for a game at Park Hall.