Twelve Weeks Today… The Importance Of Being A Good Ambassador… Chub Fishing

I can remember when I had twelve months to go before I reached the age of sixty.

Now, it’s twelve weeks. Today. Time flies.

I’ve had a good life but my sixties will be the best decade ever.

This afternoon I was on the River Severn and, as yesterday, pursuing big chub.

This time I caught one. That’s the fish in the lead image.

The ambassador reference is in regards to a group of men shooting on the far bank.

There were dying birds flapping around in pain, as they shot at ducks they had little chance of killing outright.

Whatever sport, hobby or pastime we pursue, it’s very important that we represent it well to the general public.

There’s more in the accompanying video.

I also saw my first bat of the year, a daubenton’s, briefly at dusk.

Tackle was a Fox Barbel Special 11’ rod and an Okuma Zeon reel. 

6lb Maxima Chameleon on the reel went straight through.

The six-inch hook-length was created by a size 6 Dinsmores shot and a 5mm ESP bead. 

A Drennan Super Specialist size 6 hook and a 1/4 ounce bomb completed the set-up.

I fished with bread, off overhanging willow trees, and put bread mash/brown crumb out as attractor.