Live Blogging From The River Severn, Pursuing Big Chub

2.15 p.m.

Good afternoon and welcome to the mighty Severn. I’m on the middle reaches, in the county of Shropshire.

2.30 p.m.

I don’t catch many fish per session from the venue I’m on, with this approach, but when I do they tend to be big.

All or nothing. Quality over quantity.

I’ve just cast out. Let’s see which it will be.

2.50 p.m.

My approach, by the way, is 6lb line straight through to a size 6 hook.

I’m fishing off a bed of overhanging willows, on a low river, with a chunk of bread over bread mash/brown crumb.

3.25 p.m.

No piscatorial action as of yet, but several very vocal ravens showing well in the immediate area.

I’ve said it so many times previously in blog entries, that angling is the perfect platform from which to engage with the natural world.

3.35 p.m.

The sun has dropped over the far bank ridge and the air temperature immediately drops.

It’s all about the water though but that’s cold as well.

Which is why I’m targeting chub. Especially at this time of the year, your target species is important.

4.05 p.m.

Decent movement on the rod tip, unfortunately didn’t connect with anything on the strike.

The positive way to look at it though is that there is at least one feeding fish out there.

Sometimes you don’t even get that.

4.30 p.m.

Another missed bite. That’s two now. Not that I believe in luck but what’s that about the third time?

4.35 p.m.

Male bullfinch singing in the hawthorn bush to my left. Beautiful.

5.45 p.m.

Not as big as I would like but at least I’m not a blanker.

It’s very cold now. Toes, I think I have them.

6.50 p.m.

Back in the car and ready to drive the 13.2 miles home.

Going to watch My Secret Love, Doris Day, in Calamity Jane later.