Let’s Talk Welsh Football – Every Friday On Bayside Radio

As well as the angling slot that will be going out every Thursday on Bayside Radio, there’s also a Friday one on Welsh football as well.

When Jeff Pearson approached me about doing the fishing chat he also asked if I’d do a separate one on the game on Wales.

Like the angling invitation, I didn’t need asking twice.

The first one goes out tomorrow (Friday, January 21) at 3.15 p.m. and then every week at the same time.

As Bayside Radio is based in Colwyn Bay, the debut slot sees Jeff asking me about the new manager, Steve Evans.

I’ve known Evo for a number of years and I’m thrilled for him as he takes over the reigns at the Cymru North side.

We also chat about The New Saints and how I got to be involved in Welsh football.

That’s what the clips in the accompanying video are about.

I’m looking forward to doing the weekly recording with Jeff.

I love Welsh football and it will be great to talk about it on an ongoing basis.