Three New Birds For The Garden Tick List

I enjoy keeping a garden nature blog and especially since we had the extension upstairs, it’s been even better, as I’ve got a great view.

Before I come to today’s birding session though, something about the lead image.

My wife took it the other day, in the garden, and when you zoom in you can see it’s a goldcrest in the sparrowhawk’s claws.

I’ve seen neither yet this year, although I did spot both birds in 2021.

Today, I added three new ticks and they’re the highlighted ones below.

wood pigeon, blue tit, robin, dunnock, great tit (m, f), magpie, herring gull, raven, collared dove, goldfinch, chaffinch (m), blackbird (m), great black-backed gull, black-headed gull, mistle thrush

The gull was a single bird in flight over the house, the ravens in a group of three and a single bird, while a pair of thrushes were perched in a neighbour’s conifer.

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