Garden Birding And Three New Ticks For The Year

I love our new room at home and sitting in there this morning, overlooking the valley, I thought to myself, it wasn’t even here this time last year.

It’s great for birding, especially as it doesn’t overlook other people’s living rooms.

Today’s time looking out produced fifteen species of birds:

blue tit, chaffinch (m, f), wood pigeon (adult, juvenile), great spotted woodpecker, carrion crow, great tit (m, f), magpie, robin, blackbird (m), herring gull, dunnock, song thrush, mute swan, stock dove, black-headed gull.

There were three new birds for 2022 and they’re the highlighted ones.

In fact, the mute swan is a first for the garden and no doubt because of the new room.

Previously, living in a bungalow, I was limited to downstairs views only, as far as the rear is concerned.

It was great to see lots of chaffinch activity today. I can remember when I saw my first one, in a neighbouring tree.

Now we get them every day, both male and female birds in our garden.

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