Before Church, Before Football, Fishing

I was up first thing this morning, for a very short lure fishing session on a pool.

I’m always confident, but with another overnight frost and cold start to the day, I knew it was going to be a tough one.

So it was, and there was no sign of life at all other than coots, mallards, moorhens and a solitary little grebe.

Anyway, it was back home and then off to church, with a working football game straight after that.

The headline is a chronological list of the day’s events, as opposed to an order of preference!

There’s no video, it really was a short session this time round.

The tackle I fished with was as follows: Fox Rage Ultron drop shot rod, Fox Rage Ultron 2500 reel, 10lb Sunline braid on reel. 

Drennan Double Strength 10lb (1.5 metres) joined to the braid with a small swivel. 

Micro jig head 1g size 6 hook. Glider 2 inch rubber fish. All knots (3) blood knots.