A Small Brook Saturday Morning Angling Adventure

One of the big advantages about fishing solo is that you can go where you like, when you want, and stay as long as you choose.

It also means you don’t have any issues with who fishes where, and on the tiny brooks that I target, one’s company and two is definitely a crowd.

They’re so small, overgrown and intimate, that one angler at a time is more than enough.

It was just a short session this morning, which worked out well, as small brooks aren’t necessarily suited to longer visits.

I saw a kingfisher while there, it’s great to see birds like that on such a tiny waterway.

A number of three-spined sticklebacks put in an appearance, so another productive journey.

I’m back home now, and next stop is Cadbury Athletic versus Fairfield Villa, as I go groundhopping.

I’ll be leaving at 12.30 p.m. and checking Twitter prior to departure to ensure the game’s on.

Hopefully it is and if that’s the case it will be my next blog entry.

The tackle I fished with was as follows: 

Poachers Pocket mini-rod and reel. 

Reel line was 4lb Maxima Chameleon, leading to Ultima Virage 1lb 6oz fluorocarbon, joined by a loop-to-loop knot. 

There was a size 4 shot about six inches from the hook. 

The hook was a Kamasan 982 size 18 and a single white maggot as bait.

I use white maggot as it stands out better on the water.