Lure Fishing, The Way To Go When Time Is Tight

We’re in a wet and windy spell at the moment and that was the case first thing this morning.

Although the venue I was on wasn’t excluded from the former, the location and the direction of the wind meant that it wasn’t that exposed to the latter.

I’ve had a couple of sit-down sessions over the last two days and I fancied something shorter and simpler today.

That’s where lure fishing comes into its own. As you can see from the lead image, you need minimal gear.

There’s a rod (that’s already made up), landing net, unhooking mat and a small shoulder bag.

For someone who likes to fish every day, lure angling is very convenient.

I often fish very short sessions, both by choice and due to circumstances.

This morning, I was on a lake close to home, which again ticks the box. If you don’t have a lot of time then local is the way to go.

I was fishing with my usual mini-jigging approach. Unfortunately though I didn’t get anything on the bank.

I didn’t even get a snatch, thud or lunge either, so very quiet indeed.

It’s the way it goes sometimes. I certainly enjoyed my thirty minutes out in the fresh air, though, and that’s what counts.

Fishing yourself today? Tight lines.