Catching Sticklebacks By Design

I love fishing for the mini-species and that, of course, includes sticklebacks.

They’re not necessarily fish that you can catch accidentally, think back to when was the last time you did that.

I’ve had a few while after roach on a brook, but apart from that, I can’t remember the last time I hooked any by chance.

The tiny waterway that I fished this morning holds a good head of three-spined sticklebacks.

It’s not a recognised angling venue, and I found the fish some years ago, when I was doing some exploring.

Since then, I’ve returned from time to time, and targeted numerous spots, while catching one of my favourite species.

This morning, before I even started to fish, I watched a muntjac on the ridge just behind me.

That was a great start and the fishing didn’t disappoint either.

I lost count of the fish caught and you can follow the short session via the video above.

In addition, you can check out all my previous stickleback posts by using the search engine on this page.

It’s a great facility and I use it myself to bring up old blog entries that I want to read in order to reference something.