A Trickle Of Activity On A Small Brook

I’m working from home today and that meant I was able to get an angling session in around noon.

As I was on a small brook it worked out well anyway, because by its nature, time spent on those type of venues is often limited.

I really enjoy tiny waterways. Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with them, and not just from a fish angle either, but the general natural world around them.

Today, for the second time on this particular brook, I saw a kingfisher in flight.

That’s really encouraging when you see that, and especially so when you consider that where I fished is not far from the source, and it’s about three miles before it enters a more significant stream.

My target was the three-spined stickleback and you can follow the session via the video.

It’s always nice, regardless of what they are, to catch fish by design.

I love the mini-species and many anglers tell me they haven’t seen a stickleback, for example, for years.

I’ve done a lot of stickleback fishing and you can check out the blog entries here.