Chub Fishing On The River Severn

After yesterday’s visit to the River Severn in Shropshire, it was back again for another session.

Once more I was in pursuit of chub.

There is something very seasonal about watching a rod tip next to the Severn at this time of the year, with a big chunk of bread on the deck attempting, to lure a chevin.

I had one very nice fish before it got dark and then a small chub just into it.

I didn’t stay long, less than three hours. Since I moved home this time last year though, the River Severn is even closer than it was before.

A drive through the lanes of Staffordshire and then Shropshire takes about half an hour from home to the river itself.

I go through the tackle used in the video and I was fishing off the edge of a clump of overhanging willow trees.

The lack of recent rainfall means that the river is in good condition for levering and a 1/4 ounce bomb was sufficient.

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