Off To Work On Monday Morning, First Though Some Fishing

I was up nice and early this morning, because as well as heading to Park Hall, the home of The New Saints, I also grabbed an angling session on the way.

After three fish-less trips, as you can see from the lead image, I brought the unwelcome run to an end.

Although I netted just the one perch, with a case of quality over quantity, I was certainly more than happy with the catch.

Plus, it was lure fishing as well, which is always narrower in terms of potential species.

Then, with Cliff Richard’s Small Corners album playing in the car, I made my way to work.

Although I’m a soul man, Spotify does let you broaden your horizon.

The album in question is one of Cliff’s Christian ones. Food for the spirit.

I recorded a video at the water’s edge.