The First Frost… Let’s Go Fishing

We are in November, after all, so it’s no real surprise that we experienced the first frost of the second-half of the year.

As you can see from the lead image, I took advantage of that by writing on the car windshield.

Then it was off to a local canal. I fished close to a lock with a single/double maggot (I alternated during the session).

The boat traffic has dropped off considerably now that the summer has gone. There are pros and cons though, with that.

It’s easier to fish, in the sense that you aren’t battling water movement.

Plus, I often fish up to the time that the first boat comes along, so there’s flexibility in where you set up.

The water does become very clear though and the occasional boat actually does you a favour.

Ultimately, just go fishing anyway. That’s what I do.

As always, I recorded a video from the water’s edge.