Blogging – November 2021

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Thought For The Day
November 1
Keep A Level Head And It Will Work Out

My puppy was attacked by a bigger dog and he ran. There was a life lesson in there though.
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Starting The Month How I Intend To Carry On
Now that we’re in the final furlong of the work on the house, I can move on from very short, local lure sessions.
Following on from yesterday’s trip to the canal, it was more of the same today as well.
When I arrived, there were dredgers awaiting the arrival of workmen.
Fortunately, I chose the right direction and they didn’t disturb me.
Thought For The Day
November 2
Get On With Our Own Life

Another inspiration from the water’s edge.
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Five Months Old – Time Flies When You’re Having Fun
The heading says it all and you can view Dilwyn’s blog entries via the link on the home page.
Dusk Fishing A Pool
It’s been a busy day but I still managed a couple of hours up to dark on a local pool.
I was fishing with a float and you can follow the session via the video.
Thought For The Day
November 3
Chaos With A Purpose

Obviously there are lots of others factors to be considered, but just because things seem messy, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad.
Sometimes there’s a purpose in the chaos.
A Busy Work Day Ahead, First Some Fishing
I was up at first light this morning and back on the pool I fished yesterday.
JD Cymru Premier MD12 Press Conference With Anthony Limbrick
With a seven-point gap at the top of the table, it’s looking good for The New Saints at the moment.
The next game is at Park Hall, with Haverfordwest County the visitors.
I put questions to the TNS head coach, Anthony Limbrick, as the lead image gives a ‘big picture’ insight.
Genero Adran Premier MD9 Press Conference With Andy Williams
It’s a massive game for The New Saints FC Women next, as Barry Town United Ladies visit Park Hall.
With the visitors bottom and TNS one place above them, there’s plenty at stake.
I asked manager, Andy Williams, a number of questions as we look ahead to the encounter this weekend.
Thought For The Day
November 4
Personal Character Development

It’s important, I believe, to pay close attention to our own character.
It doesn’t just affect who we are but the benefit of development has a positive effect upon every area of our life.
A Pike In The Swim But I Still Caught
I tend to fish either early or late in the day and it was the latter today.
I was back on the pool that I’ve done a number of sessions on recently and I caught perch and roach.
In spite of a pike in the swim.
My tackle approach was the same as my canal trips last week, except the lower three feet (it’s about six feet deep overall) of line is shot-free, to minimise the effect of the bottom weed.
Thought For The Day
November 5
Do You See Temporary Chaos Or Permanent Improvement
Whenever we’re working through difficult situations in life, don’t look at the negative (the chaos), instead focus on the positive (the improvement).