Blogging Until The End Of October With A Different Format

I’ve tried this approach previously, which consists of a lead image and text with the video accessed when you click the image itself.

I’m going to run with it until the end of the month, to see how it goes.

It’s much quicker than the usual individual post for every blog entry, and that’s what the draw is for me at the moment.

It’s true to say that the video is a key part of each post and that’s still very much integral. Just click and watch.

Thought For The Day
October 28
Think Outside The Box

Inspiration from a robin inside a garden centre.
This Will Be My Last Cast
Another short lure session after perch, it suits my time schedule at the moment.
Plus, I’m enjoying it and that’s the important thing.
Cardiff Met Press Conference With Anthony Limbrick
This Saturday is first v fifth in the JD Cymru Premier, as The New Saints hosts Cardiff Metropolitan University FC.
Before then though, as always, there was a formal interview situation with TNS’ head coach.
Andy Williams Press Conference, Ahead Of Pontypridd Town Women V The New Saints FC Women
I like to do both the men’s and women’s press conferences on the same day, if possible, as it helps with personal travel.
We did Andy’s in the main room at The Venue and the image above gives the big picture.
In Conversation With Northern Ireland U-19 International, Caitlin Chapman
Ahead of The New Saints FC Women training at Park Hall, I sat down with Caitlin as we chatted about playing for Northern Ireland and how she joined the club from Stoke City Ladies.
Thought For The Day
October 29
Put Yourself In The Right Place And You’ll Prosper

Today’s message comes from the garden, where all I can hear in the immediate area is birdsong.
On The Right Side Of The Line
It’s a fine line sometimes – especially when you’re lure fishing on a really short session.
However, I’m happy to say that I was just on the right side of it this morning.
Thought For The Day
October 30
It Always Comes Good In The End

As we all know, life doesn’t always go smoothly.
The journey is often bumpy and rough but invariably, we get there in the end.
Next Stop Cymru Premier, First Though Some Fishing
I’m off to a working football game later but first, some lure fishing for perch.
Five Star Result For The New Saints On JD Cymru Premier MD11
A solid performance and a 5-0 victory against Cardiff Metropolitan University FC means that TNS maintains the seven-point lead at the top of the table. Having completed one-third of the games, it’s looking good.

The New Saints 5 Cardiff Metropolitan University FC 0
Interviewing TNS’ head coach, Anthony Limbrick, after the game.
The New Saints 5 Cardiff Metropolitan University FC 0
There were a number of player options for the TNS post-match interview.
With a goal and two assists though, I went for Ryan Brobbel.
Maybe I Should Stick To Lure Fishing
Although the video is staged, as such, the actual escaping of the maggots isn’t. That really happened.
A Change Is As Good As A Rest
I’ve really enjoyed my recent lure fishing for perch, but this evening I had a change, as I sat down alongside the canal and watched an orange tip.
My last angling session of the month.
Thought For The Day
October 31
Draw A Line And Move On

I lost something that has sentimental value.
You can’t dwell on it though, otherwise it will hold you back.
The Birds Are Making A Return
As the building work is behind us, we’re getting back to business as usual as far as the birds are concerned in the garden.
More garden nature blog entries on the home page.