Groundhog Day – I Fell Asleep, I Woke, I Went Fishing

The background to today’s fishing is an exact replica of yesterday’s, hence the heading.

I often have a nap in the afternoon and today, being Sunday, was no different.

This is where lure fishing comes into its own. You don’t need a lot of tackle, there’s minimum preparation and you’re fishing within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge.

I mention in the video, the search engine on the website where you can access all of the blog entries I’ve ever published.

If you’re thinking of taking up lure angling, hopefully there are some tips in there.

The fishing itself was excellent. Although just a short trip, nevertheless I lost count of the number of fish caught.

I also netted a pike and a perch at the same time, as the former took the latter. That’s in the video as well.

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