The New Room Will Be Great For Birdwatching

The building work that we’ve had done has put the garden nature blog on hold during September.

Only the second sighting in ten months but I did see a brown rat at the start of the month. Fortunately, like the other one, it didn’t stay long.

Looking through the window of the new room today, I thought I’d spend an hour and see what I could spot, on the final day of the month.

I’ve still been feeding the birds but the activity has meant the food supply hasn’t been going down as much as normal.

This afternoon, I saw the following, in order of appearance. Not bad when you consider it was very wet, windy and overcast.

Blue tit, wood pigeon, great tit, magpie, dunnock, chaffinch, goldfinch, black-headed gull, house sparrow, carrion crow.

The new room will be great once it’s finished but in the meantime, it’s still good for birds.

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