A Media Day With The New Saints FC Women’s Manager, Andy Williams, Plus Recording Footage For Media

With the women’s team having the same level of priority as the men at The New Saints from a media perspective, we did the pre-match press conference with Andy Williams, ahead of the game against Wrexham AFC Women this weekend.

That’s the lead image and, as you can see from the shot, we use a room that’s also multi-purpose.

At many of the European clubs that we visit, there are designated rooms for the press conferences. It’s all about level, resources and perspective though.

Working in media, as with any other role in football, you fit in with what’s available.

When you watch the video though, you just see Andy with the sponsors’ boards behind him so, in that sense, whatever else is going on in the room is irrelevant.

Another factor, as far as context is concerned, is equipment. We record on an iPhone and it comes out quite well.

I would say that, although it’s good to have lots of expensive equipment, the greatest asset is the quality of interaction between interviewer and interviewee.

Then, following the press conference, we headed to Welshpool, where Andy was going to give blood.

The Welsh Blood Service is an official partner of the Football Association of Wales and so, as a club, we are very keen to do our bit.

Tracking Andy, I recorded him along the way, from departing Park Hall, the home of The New Saints, to then leaving the building in Welshpool after his appointment.

A storyboard is fine, as you plan the event, but what I find is that the creative juices flow along the way and you also go with that.

Once all the clips were recorded – again on my iPhone – I edited them and published the finished article on the TNS social media accounts, as well as on the club’s YouTube channel, TNS TV.

I use iMovie for editing and it works really well. It’s impressive what you can do on a phone these days and, as per the previous reference to equipment, your own creativity, passion and initiative are qualities that you should never underestimate.

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